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FineScale Modeler Magazine: Beoordelingen en meningen

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Good magazine for modellers!

Joh op 02-04-2010
FSM is a comprehensive magazine for all modellers who have more on their workbench than one (or two) subjects).
The articles are usually easy to follow with the nubered photos along the lines. The workbenchrevieuws are good indicators for me to help me discide to purchase a kit or not.
The new products section is also interesting if you want to know what`s comming next. The only etback is that not al those great new products will be available in Holland (soon).
It`s the best magazine available for the right price!
André op 29-06-2009
When you start modelling again after a very long brake this magazine provides lots of usefull hints and brings it back to basics. The message is that the building level is not important; the fun of building is, and that's exactly what it's all about.
Wim op 31-05-2009
I like FineScale Modeler because it explaines a lot of technics how to make your model more special. Sometimes there are a lot of subject about planes and sometimes to much, and I'm a military modeller, but most of the times it the way the show the subject in different ways and then I can learn even from airplane modellers. This magazine has a lot of information for beginning and experiences modellers and is easy to understand even if you're not native English speaker. The use of many pictures makes it good to read and to understand the meaning.
Good magazine for modellers!
Joh op 15-09-2008
FineScale Modeler is a great magazine for anyone who is interrested in the the fine art of millitary modeling. Clear articles and tips make the life of a struggeling modeler a lot easier. Even if your native language is not english.
Gilbert op 13-04-2005
FineScale Modeler Magazine; in my view a fine magazine that handles all kinds of (military) subjects. From the first page up to the last filled with articels, reviews, good foto's, tips and tricks, even the advertisements are worth a look ! For everyone interested in scale modeling, if it's ships, planes, figures or armor, this magazine is a must have ! Very well done !
Wil op 19-11-2004

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