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BBC Good Food
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BBC Good Food
magazine BBC Good Food
11 meningen
BBC Good Food
Een jaar (12 nrs) voor €107,50
BBC Good Food Magazine is a must for everyone who loves food and cooking. It’s packed with great seasonal recipes, tried and tested by our experts so you can be sure they’ll work first time. With buyers’ guides and recipes from all the top TV chefs, it’s a feast in itself.
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    BBC Good Food: Beoordelingen en meningen

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    I love getting the magazine each month. My husband started my subscription last year for my birthday. Every time I look through the magazies I look forward to cooking and trying out the new recipes. It's such a joy. Thank you
    Brigitte Thung op 12-06-2015
    Divine recipes, easy and more difficult, cheap and the more expensive, recipes that challenge me. Good Tips & Tricks
    Beautiful pictures, mine taste good but not always look as good!
    Keep it coming.
    Sandra op 27-03-2015
    Every month i'm looking for this great magazine. I like The food and The recipes. The Christmasedition is super!
    Nancy pertijs op 14-12-2014
    I used to buy it in the store but now I receive it well in advance! Love the recipes, easy for during the work week and more difficult ones for the weekend. All with seasonal ingredients Easy to read with beautiful pictures.
    Sandra op 28-03-2014
    The magazine always contains fun recipes that make you want to try them. No fancy, hard to find ingredients and new flavor combinations are a great asset of the magazine. The recipes almost always work out as described although I have come across one or two that somehow did not produce the result as presented in the magazine. Being an amateur cook I would welcome some more challenging recipes in each edition. But that is a wish, not a criticism.
    Anthony op 15-06-2013
    Both my husband and I love English food and this magazine is worth it's money! Lots of lovely recipes each month and the Good Food app on my ipad complements the deal. Customer service in the UK is still true customer service, very helpful and friendly. The magazine is not cheap but a great addition to my cook book collection...
    Esther op 12-04-2013
    Every month I am glad with the new recipes.I used to buy the magazine in England during our holidays. So glad to be able to read it in holland.
    Jeannette op 03-09-2012
    Great magazine, with tasty recipes and up to date information.
    Also FREE digital Ipad version available with subscription.
    op 31-08-2012
    Always lots of recipes and ideas to choose from, sometimes even too much! With the recipes the amounts are given in both English terms as European, so you never have to been confused about the amounts you need.

    It also uses a lot of easy to get ingredients, so you don't have to blow your weekly budget just to make one recipe.

    Really nice magazine, I truly enjoy receiving it every month.
    Linda op 19-04-2012
    I really love the magazine, I can not wait to read and and when finished I'm already looking forward to see the next issue. The recipes are great and the cakes are really fantastic.
    Bea op 01-03-2012
    Excellent food magazine both for beginners and experienced cooks, pleasure readers and actual food preparers. Lots of inspiration and always flu of new ideas that are practicable. I never found any for magazine anywhere near the quality of Good Food Magazine.
    Nada op 12-02-2012
    Really good value for money!! Apart from being a fantastic source of new ideas, this magazine also allows you to "cook with the seasons" and use seasonal products at the time of the year when they are at their best.
    Anne op 14-01-2012
    I love this magazine! The recipies are great and the way it's presented is fantastic.
    Keep it up.
    Martina op 28-12-2011
    Great magazine, love the little booklet with easy and light recipes too. I agree, Good Food can't be compared with any Dutch food magazine, it's much more distinguished!
    J Gompes op 16-07-2011
    Every month new original recipes which all are very tasteful and not to compare with the Dutch recipes, it is a gift!
    AM Becht op 08-05-2011
    Delicious recipes, beautiful presentation. This journal deserves recognition not only in the United Kingdom. It's not cheap, so it is a real treat.

    sonja op 04-05-2011
    I likte the magazine very much, I have been reading it for about 5 or 6 years now.
    Daniel op 29-10-2010
    It is a very good magazine, with nice pictures and details about food.
    Just the best I have seen so far. And I have seen a lot of Food Magazines all over the world.

    So keep on going.
    Floortje op 29-10-2010
    I've been a loyal reader of BBC Good Food Magazine for about 5 years now. Every month full of new ideas, easy recipes for busy weekdays as well as more elaborate recipes for the weekend. Love it!
    Cecile op 15-06-2009
    I think it is the best magazine on Food ever. I buy the magazine now for almost 15 years and it is never boring...Thats why I defenitly want to subcribe for live! I just love it! Can't express it in words...
    K.E. Voolstra op 06-02-2005

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