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magazine DIVA

geef mening
Een jaar (12 nrs) voor €87,50
Get a subscription to DIVA magazine - Europe’s leading lesbian glossy! Read by over 150,000 gay and bi women, DIVA magazine is the most influential and successful publication for gay women today. DIVA is the UK's leading lesbian lifestyle magazine and now looks better than ever, thanks to a fabulous redesign. Packed monthly with news, innovative features, celebrity interviews, arts, social scene, shopping AND travel agenda, plus the UK's most comprehensive listings section, DIVA is a monthly must-have for gay and bi women worldwide. All this, together with some of the hottest eye candy around, make DIVA a magazine you’ll want to devour from cover to cover! DIVA is the great looking, sensitive yet fun fantasy girlfriend that should be bursting through your door every month. With loads packed into the next twelve issues of DIVA, make sure you don’t miss a single issue. Subscribe today! You’ll save 50p off the cover price and get your DIVA delivered free and discretely before it hits the stores.

The Family Issue

Whether we like it or not, families shape who we are and affect the way we go about our daily lives.
This month DIVA looks at the other banking crisis and finds out how the donor sperm shortage is sending lesbians abroad. With increasing numbers of women travelling overseas for fertility treatment, we investigate what's behind the rising cost of donor sperm in Britain
We also have an exclusive feature by gender-queer activist Del LaGrace Volcano on the variations and importance of gay, lesbian and transgender families as s/he speaks with a selection of inter-sex couples about their experiences of conceiving and raising their children.
Plus we ask: Just because your partner wants a baby, does it mean that you should too? DIVA talks to women who really weren't ready to parent and finds out what happened next...
Finally, our family issue features fascinating insights into the lives of gay and straight siblings, a mother who so feared for her families reputation that she abandoned her gay daughter on holiday and the lesbians who are creating their own families either through adoption or other, messier routes.
And with recent reports stating that the children of lesbian couples are often better off with two mums and their various male family members and friends than their heterosexual counterparts, we’re thrilled to be the first ever newsstand publication to feature a pregnant lesbian cover image. We hope it will make more people aware that growing numbers of lesbians are choosing or planning to have children.
All this, plus DIVA’s top tips for gay parenting.
The new issue is on sale now from all good newsagents, supermarkets and bookstores.
DIVA Magazine is now also available as an app to download to iPhone and iPad!
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