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The New Yorker
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The New Yorker
magazine The New Yorker
2 meningen
The New Yorker
Een jaar (47 nrs) voor €439,95
The New Yorker is a weekly magazine dedicated to ideas. It is timeless and immediate, energetic and thoughtful, serious and funny. It's about good writing, a point of view, and a deeper understanding of the world.
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    The New Yorker: Beoordelingen en meningen

    (Klik hier voor het aanvragen van The New Yorker)

    a Great magazine with every week a surprise which lets you dive into known/unknown issues. Recently I also got the on-line offerings of the New Yorker, maybe they should be a bit less pushy with their emails but it could be my age.
    Maurits op 08-09-2017
    Greatest magazine I've ever read. Not for the shallow, nor for the photo-oriented people in this world.
    anne op 05-08-2011
    The New Yorker is something to look forward to every week. It is full of well-written, witty and highly informative articles on all kinds of subjects - more than I can read in a week (I skip those on baseball and, yes, ballet). Thanks to The New Yorker, I now know everything I always wanted to know about chocolate, knife making, Tolstoy’s War and Peace, and C.C.D. (about a year before it hit the headlines here). I suppose its orientation is American left-wing, i.e. Obama rather than Bush.

    In this country, is delivered punctually at least two weeks late. I have taken to checking out its Goings on about Town on YouTube.
    B. van Sloten op 18-06-2009

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